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Rat On A Rope Olympics

rat on the rope cartoon
Here Goes The Winner!

Finally, that big day has come. The rat country is hosting an Olympics event. Rats from around the world are here. “Rat-on-a rope” is the most attractive sport in the Rat’s Olympics. The fat rat on the rope is now all are focused. Rats under the rope applauded the participant to encourage him. “Oh, no, here he is falling. There goes the next rat on the rope.

The “Rat-on-a-rope” sport is an adventurous sport that requires constant attention and a lot of practice from each participant. In fact, all these rats participating in this sports event had several years of hard work behind their performance.

It’s an unusual race that tests a rat’s determination. With years of practice for the Olympics event, all rats are confident about winning the Olympics medal.

Hey, this rat is doing well. The rat reached the other end of the rope without falling. And that too in a short period. “Wow, what an accomplishment,” the commentator declared. The rat who won the rat race on the rope got the Olympics medal and a year’s free supply of food grains.

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