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It Was A Dream Come True For The Stray Dogs

Don't you fear those dog catchers?

“Are you not coming for the dog meetup?” asked one stray dog to another dog.

“Oh, yes, I too will be joining,” said the other dog.

Two dogs went to the meeting place, where they found several other stray dogs. They were attending the meetup.

“We must stand united against those dog catchers who target stray dogs. They catch us and take us in their vehicle to an unknown place,” the stray dog leader was delivering the keynote speech. All the dogs assembled there agreed to their leader.

While the meeting was in progress, they heard the sound of a vehicle.  “Hey, it’s those dog catchers we were talking about. Run for your life, or we’ll be caught,” someone in the audience shouted. 

The dogs ran here and there. But the dog catchers were really smart. They trapped all stray dogs in the meetup, and threw them into their vehicle.

Later that day, stray dogs caught by the dog catchers found themselves on a big dog farm. It was a dream destination for any stray dog. “Wow, this is a fantastic place, am I dreaming?” one dog said to another.  “No, it’s not a dream, it’s real. We are no longer stray dogs. At last, we have a place that we call our home,” the other dog said happily.

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