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Mother And Child Elephant

baby and mother elephant
Mom, please wait. This water tastes so sweet!

The mother and child elephants were walking with a herd of elephants. They walked a long way, and their destination was still a long way to go. The elephant herd saw a small lake, and everybody stopped there to drink water from it.

The water in the lake was so sweet to drink. The baby elephant drinking water, saw a fish popping up from the water.

“Hey, who’s here drinking water? You look so cute,” a fish from the water popped up and said to the baby elephant.

“I am a baby elephant. May I know who you are?” asked the baby elephant.

“I am a fish swimming along with other fishes to a different place,” the fish said.

“I am an elephant, and I am also going to a different place, with my mother and other elephants in the herd,” said the baby elephant.

“Happy to see you, my dear friend. You are an elephant, and I am a fish. We are both travelers. Only difference is that you are in the land, and I am in the water.  Now, let me go! My friends are swimming fast,” the fish said goodbye to the elephant and disappeared into the water.

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