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Where Are My Eggs Gone?

Who Is The Culprit?

The bird was shocked to find all her eggs were missing, not one of them around, even the eggshells! She searched everywhere, but there was no trace of her eggs. Then she noticed something weird on the ground. There was a long zig-zag mark on the ground.

Search For The Culprit

“It must be the snake who has taken all my eggs,” the bird was shocked to learn the hard fact that all her eggs are taken by the snake. “I must do something about it, or my eggs will be eaten by that snake” the bird followed the marking on the ground and finally reached the snake’s palace.

The Party Takes A Wild Turn

There were many snakes in the palace. The snake who stole the bird’s eggs had invited his friends for a party.

“My dear friends. Thank you for coming to the party. Let’s have a feast on the birds’ eggs, which I have stolen from the bird’s place,” the snake announced. All other snake friends appreciated his talent for stealing birds’ eggs.

The bird saw her eggs lying on the ground. The snakes were enjoying a good time. Without making any sound, the bird silently grabbed all her eggs.

It was late in the night, dinnertime. All the hungry snakes assembled together for their feast. But when the snake reached for the eggs, there were no eggs. He searched everywhere, but no trace of the eggs.

“I am sorry dear friends; the eggs are missing now. Forget about the dinner,” said the snake.

But his friends didn’t believe him. Their hungry snake friends attacked the snake and killed it.

Back Home With Her Eggs

Meanwhile, the bird was back in its place with all her eggs. She carefully placed them in another place, a more secure place away from any snakes or predators to reach them.

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