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Two Giraffe On The Riverside

Glad to meet you. Why don't you come across?

Two giraffes met on the riverside.  Both of them were standing on either side of the river.

“Hey, what’s up?” asked one giraffe.

“I am doing fine. What about you?” asked the other giraffe.

“I am also fine. Why don’t you come to my place? I will show you around, we will have a good time. There is plenty to eat on this part of the river. Everything is so good here!” said the giraffe.

“I feel my place is better than yours. Come to my place, and we’ll enjoy spending time here,” said the other giraffe.

Both the giraffes started arguing by telling each other good things about their place. After hours of arguing and boasting, finally, both of them went their way.

A friendship is easily broken when you start arguing!

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