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Trapped In The Wildfire

Oops, I am in trouble!

The baby elephant was playing with a sugarcane stick. Baby would throw the sugarcane stick into the air with its trunk. When it comes down, he will catch it.

The baby elephant didn’t pay any attention to what was happening around him. He was completely unaware of the wildfire fast spreading in that area. Hearing the cracking sound of the wildfire, the baby elephant looked around. He saw the flames dancing around him like monsters.

“I will swallow you,” the wildfire shouted at the baby.

“Somebody, please help,” the baby elephant cried out loudly.

The baby elephant was so confused about what to do next. He could hear other elephants crying and asking him to come out.

The baby elephant didn’t know what to do next. Time was running out; the wildfire was dancing around him like a monster.

Dancing Flames

The dancing wildfire flames encircled the baby elephant. Then he remembered something his mother taught him. When you are in trouble, pray to God for help. That’s what the baby elephant did. The baby prayed to God to help him from the wildfire.

Suddenly two big clouds appeared in the sky from nowhere. They collided with each other. It started a thunderstorm. As a result, it started raining, which stopped the dancing of the flames. The heavy rain put an immediate end to the wildfire. Other elephants were happy to receive the baby elephant unhurt from the wildfire. They thanked God.

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