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I Am A Giraffe

zoo giraffe
I Love Being Your Friend Here!

Hello Friends,

Let me introduce myself. I am a giraffe. You must have seen me in the zoo, chewing leaves and running around. I’ve got long legs, very long legs than any other animals have. My long legs help me to run faster and attack predators.

In the wild, I go really wild when predators try to attack me. Once I had an encounter with a group of lions. They wanted to attack me from the back. But I kicked them off, and they never came my way after that incident. We giraffes prefer community living, and we move in herds. We always walk together with our long necks keeping our heads high.

Many children love me. I’ve seen children wear Giraffe T-shirts with my image printed on them. I love being an art symbol. I think everybody likes me. Do you love me?

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