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Deer, Lion And The Monster

You be careful, Mr. Lion

The bird on a tree saw a lion running fast, who suddenly stopped near its tree.

“Hey, Mr. Lion, what’s up? What are you looking for?” asked the bird on the tree.

“I was running after a deer. All of a sudden, it disappeared from me. Have you seen a deer coming your way?” asked the lion?

“No, I was sitting here for a long time. I haven’t seen any deer coming this way. The bird said.

Just then, the lion saw some movement in the bush. “Hey, who’s there? It must be the deer I was hunting,” said the lion.

Beware of the Monter

“Be careful, Mr. Lion. It must be the monster who lives in this place. Let me have a look. Yes, it’s a big monster hiding in the bush. He has eaten the deer you were chasing. Now, he will catch you! You better run away from this place if you want to save your life!” shouted the bird.

The lion feared monsters. Hearing the word monster, the lion ran away from that place.

“It’s safe for you to come out from the bush, deer,” said the bird.

The deer came out of the bush and thanked the bird for saving its life. The bard smiled at the deer. “I am happy to help you out. Be careful about that lion. Next time, I may not be there to help you out,” said the bird.

“Ok, I will be careful next time,” said the deer and walked away.

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