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Giraffe In The Zoo Got A New Friend Today

Hey, Look, Here She Comes!

End Of My Loneliness

“Hey, you seem to be very happy today,” said a bird to the giraffe in the zoo. The giraffe was very excited that day because he was expecting somebody.

“Yes, I am happy. You know, Being the one and only giraffe in this zoo, I always feel lonely with no other giraffes around. Now, my long wait is over. Yesterday, the zoo workers announced getting a new member to this zoo. A new female giraffe is arriving today,” said the giraffe.

“Oh, Congratulations. That’s great news. I always see you in sadness. Now, you can be happy with your new friend,” said the bird.

“Thank you. Please join me for a celebration today evening,” the giraffe invited the bird to the dance party the giraffe was organizing.

“Hey, here she comes. She looks pretty, a good match for you, Mr. handsome giraffe,” the bird tweeted.

The giraffe saw his new friend coming, accompanied by the zoo workers. He was happy to see her and started dancing with joy.

It’s Party Time Folks!

In the evening, the giraffe’s party was attended by all the animals in the zoo. The birds sang songs, and the two giraffes danced. Everybody congratulated the couple and wished them a happy life ahead.

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