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Playing In Dirt Makes Me Happy

Dirt Makes Me Cooool!

Why I Love A Mud Bath

It was a hot summer afternoon in the forest. The bird was sitting in a tree.  “Hey, who’s rolling on the ground?” the bird wondered. It was a baby elephant playing in the mud. Rolling in the mud and screaming. Elephant takes mud on its trunk and sprays it all over his body. The funny baby was very happy about what he was doing with the mud.

“Hey, what are you doing, baby? You are making yourself dirty. Don’t you know playing in the dirt will make you sick? Come out of the mud. You can play under this tree. It’s so nice and clean here” tweeted a bird sitting on the branch of a tree.

“No, I will not come out of the mud. It’s so much fun playing in the dirt. This mud bath cools me! I love to be in the mud.” said the baby elephant. The bird couldn’t understand why the baby elephant was so much in love with the mud bath.

Hey, kids, do you love playing in the mud? But elephants do! African elephants are often seen covered in mud. They love to take mud baths, a refreshing experience for an elephant. Why do they turn to mud? Playing in the mud has got multiple benefits for the elephant. A thick layer of mud protects an elephant from the hot sun and helps them to stay cool!

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