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Dancing Cow And The Cat

Want to dance with me?

Lilly was a smart cow. The silly cat never liked lilly’s smartness. He wanted to find fault with her and looked for an opportunity to do so. One fine day, the silly cat saw lilly cow grazing in the meadows. The silly cat wondered what the cow was doing in the meadows. He always envied the cow and wanted to find any fault with her to let their master know about it. So, the curious, envious went to check on her.

The cat saw the cow dancing in the meadows. “What made this cow dance?” the cat wondered. “Hey, Ms. Cow, why are you dancing? What made you so happy?” The curious cat asked the cow why the cat was dancing.

“I am practicing my dance steps for an upcoming cowboy event. Want to try these steps with me?” the cow said to the cat.

“Yes, I also want to dance with you,” said the cat.

“Then join me practicing,” said the cow.

So, both the cow and the cat started practicing the dance steps. Suddenly the cow lost its balance and fell upon the cat. Luckily, the cat managed to escape, but the cat’s back was paining like anything.

“I should not have danced with a cow. A cat can only dance with another cat!” said the cat, crying in pain. After that incident, the cat never tried to check on the cow to find fault with her.

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