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Horse And The Young Girl

Hey, listen to me. Don't run that fast, Ok?

Friendship Is What Makes One Happy!

“Why are you so sad?” the friendly horse asked the girl.

“My best friend left for another country for higher studies. I am so sad without her. We were good friends from our childhood,” the girl said, almost crying.

Let’s Go for a Ride

“Don’t worry, my dear girl. When I am here, I won’t let you sad. We are good friends too. I won’t leave you. Let’s go for a ride,” said the horse.

“Will you take me for a ride?” the girl asked the horse.

“Why not? Just get on my back, and we’ll go for a ride. I’ll make you happy again. I will take you to many places, rivers, mountains, wherever you wish to go,” said the horse.

The girl received her horse riding lessons from her mom. So, she knew how to handle the horse while riding. The horse took the girl to different places she never had a chance to visit. It was a great experience. Her first-ever solo horseback ride went smoothly! The girl was happy again, thanked the horse for the ride which she will never forget in her life.

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