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Horse And The Baby Dog

Hey, don't worry. I am your friend!

Meeting A Stranger

The baby dog was seeing a horse for the first time. The dog got afraid, and jumped to the rooftop. He started barking at the horse from the rooftop.

“Hey, baby, why are you barking? I am your friend,” said the horse with a smile on his face.

The baby dog stopped barking and stared at the horse.

“You are a cute dog. I know that you are seeing a horse for the first time. So, let me introduce myself. I am a horse living here. I can run faster than anybody else. I participate in horse races around the country. I love to run fast. I am sure that nobody can beat me in a race,” the horse introduced himself to the baby dog.

Hearing their conversation, the baby dog’s father came out of the house. “Hello friend, how are you? How was the race yesterday?” the dad dog asked.

“Oh, as usual, I was the winner. I was talking to your son. He is so smart,” the horse said.

“Thank you, my dear friend. I am proud of my baby,” said the dog.

“Son, he is our neighbor. We were good friends for years. Once I had a broken leg. He took me to the hospital.  Be a good friend to him, ok?” the father dog said to the baby dog.

The baby dog was happy. He ran around the horse and started playing with the horse.

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