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The Sugarcane Secret


horse and the sugarcane

Your teeth are so bright and shining, a little boy asked the horse why his teeth so bright. The horse said that it’s a secret that he won’t disclose and laughed at the boy.  The horse challenged him to find out the secret himself. He offered him a free ride if the kid could find the secret. So the boy began to follow the horse everywhere it went, but couldn’t find out the secret of what made the horse teeth so bright and white.

One day, as the kid was sleeping, he heard some sound. He looked through the window and saw the horse chewing something. It’s sugarcane so sweet and tasty. Now the kid got the secret of horses’ white teeth, it’s the sugarcane, cleaning the horse teeth while he chewed it. The kid got the free ride as promised by the horse. They became good friends from that day onward.