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Secret Of The Horse White Teeth

Hey, Tell Me Your Secret

The little boy was always fascinated by the horse’s white teeth. He wanted to know the secret behind the white teeth of the horse. So one day, the boy asked the horse why his teeth are shining so bright and white.

“He, He, He, I won’t tell you that, it’s a closely guarded secret,” The horse just laughed at the boy. Moreover, the horse challenged the boy to find out the secret himself. He offered him a free ride to the boy if the boy was able to find out the secret. So the boy began to follow the horse everywhere it went, but couldn’t find out the horse’s well-guarded secret.

One day, while the boy was sleeping, he heard some strange sound. He looked through the window. What he saw just made him curious. He saw the horse was chewing something. On a closer look, he found that the horse was chewing a bunch of sugarcane. Now the boy found out the secret behind the horses’ white teeth, it’s the sugarcane secret. The sugarcane made the horse’s teeth white when he chews it. The kid got the promised free ride by the horse. The horse congratulated the little boy for his smartness.

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