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The Sad White Tiger Is Happy Again

I am just black and white

The new white tiger in the zoo was sad. Why? Because other tigers in the zoo are colored, black stripes on the yellow fur. The white tiger once again looked at its body and exclaimed. “I hate being black and white.”

Just then, a wild fox came that way to meet the newcomer to the zoo.

Welcome Newcomer!

“Hey newcomer, why are you so sad? Please let me know anything I can help you,” the fox asked.

“I’m sad because I see all the other tigers in the zoo have yellow fur on their body, but look at me. I feel odd with my black and white fur,” said the tiger.

The fox laughed. “You should be proud of your fur, Mr. Tiger. You are unique, my dear. Other tigers are envious of you. I heard the other tigers saying that the newcomer is handsome,” said the fox.

The fox’s words encouraged the white tiger.

“Thank you, my dear friend. You made my day. I am happy again! I love my fur more than ever!” the tiger said to the fox.

“Mr. Tiger, remember one thing. Being unique is not odd, but good,” said the fox. The tiger agreed with the fox, and they became good friends from that day onwards.

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