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Solving A Friendship Problem

The elephant saw the dog sitting sad.

“Hey, what happened?” asked the elephant.

“I am sad because I lost a friend today. My friend Mr. Silly Cat and I got a ball. We were playing with it. But the cat carelessly kicked the ball, and it fell into a pit. We lost the ball. I scolded him, and now he is not talking to me,” said the dog.

“I know it’s hard to loose a ball and a friendship. Once, I too kicked a ball, and lost it! But don’t worry, my dear friend. I will help you to solve your problem. Show me where you lost the ball?” said the elephant.

The dog took the elephant to the pit where the ball was lying. The elephant carefully picked the ball using its long trunk. The dog was happy to get the ball back.

The dog and the elephant went to the cat with the ball. When the cat saw the ball, he was happy, too! The cat hugged the dog with tears in his eyes.

Both three friends, the cat, the dog, and the elephant, started to play the ball.

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