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The Coconut Monkey

Oops, the elephant!

Chicku, the monkey, loved coconuts very much. How he breaks the hard coconut shell is interesting. He climbs a coconut tree, grabs a coconut, and throws it down. When the coconut falls on the rocky ground, it breaks apart by hitting the rocky ground. Then, the monkey comes down to eat the coconut.

One day, while Chicku was on the top of a coconut tree, he grabbed a big coconut. Chicku threw it down.

“Who is throwing coconuts at me,’ a loud cry from under the coconut tree shocked Chicku. When the monkey looked down, it saw an elephant standing under the tree.

“Oh, my god, what a fool I am! I haven’t seen the elephant standing under the tree,” chicku was frozen with fear.

The angry elephant shook the tree with its large body. The coconut tree began to swing forward and backward. The monkey lost its balance and landed on the elephant’s back.

The monkey immediately jumped to the ground from the top of the elephant and vanished into the forest. The elephant was still searching for the culprit, who threw a coconut at it.

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