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Lion And Hippo, A Hunting Story

Um, this is going to be an exciting day!

A lion saw a hippo resting.

“Um, this hippo is large enough to serve as a lunch for me and my family,” the lion thought. But the lion waited for the hippo for the right time to hunt it down.

Hippo saw the lion. He knew the lion was there to hunt him down. Before he gets out of the marshy water, the lion needs to be handled.

“Hey, Mr. Lion, come, my dear friend. Let’s talk some nonsense,” the hippo invited the lion.

So, the hippo had a plan to escape from the lion

“Befriending this hippo is a good opportunity to hunt it down easily,” thought the lion, and it walked towards the hippo.

The moment the lion put its legs on the marshy land where the hippo was resting, the lion lost its balance and began to drown.

“Hey, somebody, please help me from drowning,” cried the lion.

“You are a brave lion, came to hunt me. Now, help yourself. I have some business to do,” said the hippo, and it walked away.

Nobody saw the lion again.

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