A Strange Visitor To The Tiger Family

tiger and the bear story

While playing outside its cave, the baby tiger saw something strange. His mom was inside the cave taking some rest.

“Mom, I think we have a guest,” said the baby tiger.

“Who’s that dear?” asked his mom.

“I don’t know who he is. It is brown in color and has a lot of thick hair all over the body. He looks like a cruel one. Oh, he’s coming this way,” said the baby tiger.

“Come inside, dear son. That’s a bear. If he sees you, he will attack you,” said the mother.

The baby tiger went inside the cave to hide until the bear walked away. “Why do we have to fear a bear?” asked the baby tiger.

“Bears are our enemies. They don’t like tigers. So next time if you see a bear, just hide,” advised his mother.

“Ok, mom, I will be careful,” said the baby tiger.

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