A Day In The Life Of A Mother Tigress

tiger cubs and tigress mother

It’s winter again. The two tiger cubs were busy playing with their mother. The mother tigress seems to ejoy that. The big smile on her tell that. She is very proud of her two smart cubs. The smart cubs are very active playing hide and seek.

“Ok kid, stop playing, now let’s have our lunch,” said the tigress. The mother gave the cubs some meat she hunted last night. For these cubs, their mother is the last word. They obey their mom, because they know that their mom knows the best for them.

In a few days, the tigress has plans to teach the cubs how to become real tigers, to hunt and survive in the wild. In a few years of time, these small cubs will grow to become big and strong, wandering through the forest keeping all those small animals on their toes.

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