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Dog And The Cow Story

Please stop there

Arrogant Cow

“You should not go in that direction. There is a tiger. I have seen it. The tiger is too dangerous,” said the dog.

“Hey, Mr, you just mind your own business. I am a grown-up cow, and I know how far I can go. I set my own limits, and you just don’t interfere,” said the arrogant cow.

The cow didn’t even show any kind of attention to what the dog had to say. The cow thought that dog was interfering in its personal space.

Still, the dog insisted that she should not go there. But the arrogant cow walked in that direction. Suddenly, she heard a loud roar. It was the tiger that jumped out of its hiding place fast approaching her.

The cow ran as fast she could. The tiger overpowered the cow. The cow thought she was going to die.

But the tiger had an unpleasant surprise waiting for him. Some people with their guns appeared from nowhere. Seeing the people around him beating their drums loudly. The tiger left the cow and quickly ran back.

What happened was that the dog did its duty, who immediately informed the villagers about the tiger attacking the cow. So people gathered together to frighten the tiger and leave the cow.

“Sorry, Mr. Dog, for those hard words. You saved my life, said the cow. “It’s ok. I am happy that I could help!” said the dog.

Sometimes we may tend to ignore others’ advice. We don’t know everything that is going to happen in our life. There is no harm in listening to others’ advice.

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