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Duck And The Dog, An Interview

Nice to see you swim!

“Hi, Mr. Dog. How are you?” asked the duck seeing a dog. The dog was sitting there near the pond watching the duck swimming.

“I am fine. I was enjoying the way you swim. I always always wanted to ask you this. How do you keep yourself afloat in the water,” the dog asked the duck.

“Ah, it’s my body shape, and my feathers are doing the magic. You see, my boat-like shape makes me afloat in the water. My feathers are designed by God in such a way to trap air in between to keep myself floating in the water,” said the duck proudly.

“That’s so interesting. What do you do for a living?” asked the dog.

“I swim in this pond, not for enjoyment but to eat something. There are so many things to eat in this pond. Worms, small fishes, and so on,” said the duck.

“That’s a lot of learning for today, Mr. Duck. Thanks for the information. I work for a newspaper called Dog Times. Your interview will be published in tomorrow’s dog times,” said the dog, and he went to sleep. “Thank you, Mr. Dog, for that interview,” said the duck. The duck was happy to be featured in the newspaper.

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