Facing A Thunderstrom

elephant and the bird

“Hey, you are still here?” there is a huge thunderstorm coming in our way. Go and hide, make it fast,” screamed the little bird to the elephant.

“Ok, let me go and hide behind the rock. Are you coming?” the baby elephant asked the bird.

“No, I will sit on that tree branch. That tree is strong. No wind can uproot it!” said the little bird.

The baby elephant ran to hide behind a rock, and the little bird sat on the tree branch. Some time passed, nothing happened, and there was no sign of a thunderstorm.

“Hey friend, are you sure there is a thunderstorm coming this way?” asked the elephant.

“Yes, I am sure. Stay there for some time. My prediction will never go wrong about the storms and rains,” said the little bird proudly.
After a few minutes, they heard the sound of a thunderstorm coming from a distance. Soon it reached their place.

At first, it was a breeze, and then it strengthened. It became a powerful thunderstorm capable of uprooting trees on its way! The tree where the bird took refuge began to shake and started falling. The little bird cried for help. Baby elephant saw the falling tree and ran towards it, ignoring the thunderstorm. The baby elephant saved the bird before the tree is completely fell down.

“Thank you very much, my dear friend. I was wrong about that tree,” said the bird. The baby elephant was happy to save the bird. He also thanked the little bird for the information about the thunderstorm. That saved his life too!

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