Tiger And The Beauty Cow

tiger and the cow story

“You look terrific,” the tiger admired the cow.

“Thank you, Mr. Cow. I am flattered by your admiration. You are the first person admiring my beauty,” said the cow.

“If you come with me, I will make you more beautiful, turn you into a beauty queen of the cows.  Look at those black dots all over your body. I will remove those black dots, and you will be more beautiful.

I am running a beauty salon in the middle of the jungle. I have turned several cows like you into more beautiful ones. Give me an opportunity, and I will turn you into the most beautiful cow in the world. After your makeover, you will become famous. Don’t worry about the cost. It is completely free for you,” said the tiger.

“I am sorry, Mr. Tiger, to turn down your offer. I love these black dots. I can’t think of losing that design. I am not only beautiful, but I am smart too. I know what you have in mind, luring me into your trap on the pretext of the so-called beauty salon,” said the cow and ran to the cattle shed. The tiger was angry because his plan to catch the cow got foiled.

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