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Dog And The Duck Story

Glad To Meet You!

The dog living in a riverfront mansion had everything a dog could wish for, tasty food, a plush bed to sleep in,  and whatever a dog needs in its life.

The white duck is his best friend. Every day, the dog will come and sit in front of the house, and the white duck comes to him. Both dog and the duck will have a chit-chat and spend time together.

It was a sunny day, and the dog, as usual, was sitting just outside his home.

“You are fortunate to have your own mansion and a luxurious life,” said the duck.

“I’ve everything a dog could wish for. But I miss some good things in life too,” said the dog.

“What, are not happy with this luxurious life?” asked the curious duck.

“I want to set myself free, to play in the street with other street dogs. They are the real heroes, free to go anywhere they would like to go. But look at me, my life is just confined in this mansion. I think you are fortunate to have a free life,” said the dog.

“But the street dogs say that you are very fortunate to live a luxurious life in a big mansion. I have a piece of advice for you. You should learn to enjoy what you are now, never look at things which we don’t have,” said the duck.

“You are right, Ms. Duck. Thank you, your advice opened my eyes. Now I can enjoy my life,” said the dog.

Story Discussion

Milly: The duck made the dog wise!

Nicky : Rich dog poor duck

Rose: Friendship is a great fit

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