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Come out baby, let's play

Rabbit Who Outsmarted The Raccoon

The hungry raccoon saw a rabbit. Being a rabbit meat lover, he wanted to eat him. Seeing the raccoon, the rabbit ran as fast as he could, to save himself from the hungry raccoon. The raccoon wanted to hunt him down, ran after the rabbit. He was about to catch the rabbit, but luckily, the rabbit saw a hiding place, a hole inside the big tree, and tucked himself into the hole. The raccoon, with his fat body size, couldn’t catch the rabbit.

Let’s Play Again

“Ah, this time you won, we play again and next time I will win,” the raccoon said. The raccoon wanted to give an impression to the rabbit that he ran after the him just to play hide and seek. But the rabbit was intelligent and knew that it was a nasty trick to make him come out of his hiding place. “Dear Raccoon friend, it was fun playing with you, now it’s your turn, go and hide, and I’ll find out,” the rabbit said. “Agreed, I’ll go and hide,” the raccoon said, and he went just behind the tree with the wicked intention to catch the rabbit as soon as he comes out of the hole.

After a few minutes, the raccoon started to look for the rabbit, but he was nowhere. “He must not have gone that far, I am going find him out in a matter of few minutes,” thought the raccoon as he was desperately looking for the rabbit. A few hours passed, and the raccoon was still running here and there, hoping to find the rabbit and eat him. But, the smart rabbit didn’t go anywhere. He went deep inside the hole and started sleeping. The raccoon, looking for the rabbit got tired and disappointed. “It seems, the rabbits are good at hide-and-seek game,” thought the raccoon, and he went back home stopping the search.

When the rabbit woke up after a few hours of sleep, he came out of the hole, went to his home to tell his friends how he outsmarted the raccoon.