Tiger in the hole
I Beg You, Please Help Me Out!

Save Me, A Tiger Cry

Hello anybody there? Please help me to come out. As you can see, I am trapped. If I lose my grip, I will fall to the bottom of the earth, and nobody will ever see me again. It’s my mistake. I should not have climbed that tree. It all happened last night. You know that we tigers have a habit of climbing big trees to take rest and to get a better view of our prey.

Last night, I was sleeping on a tree branch. The moment the hunters in my dream caught me, I fell from the top of the tree to this hole. Luckily, I got my grip on the edge of this hole. If I lose my grip, that’s my end.  I beg you to give me a helping hand. Will you help? I am waiting for you. Please share my story.

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