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I Am On An important Mission

I'm Really Close

Hey kid, I am taking you today for an important mission, chasing some bank robbers. Are you ready? You know that I have got a great sense of smell that makes me a valuable asset in the police force. Even though a trained dog, sometimes I grow nervous because an attack can be from anywhere. If any of my steps go wrong, I would be landing in trouble.

Their style of operation reveals that these bank robbers are experts. But I can trace them out easily from their hiding place. Be careful, they are somewhere here.

There is an old building standing right on that corner. My intuition has that robbers are hiding in that old building. This is a lesson I learned during my training that old buildings are favorite spots these robbers choose to hide. We need to be careful now because we are watched closely by the robbers. Yes, I can see some movement in that building. Hey, be ready to catch the thieves, follow me. I found them, here they are frozen out of fear. Let the police take them. They are handcuffed and sent to jail. My mission is successful. It’s time to go home. Thanks for coming with me.

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