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Will the fox catch her?

Bunny On The Run

Bunny is on the run, chased by a cruel fox. Anytime she could be caught. It was a winter snowy morning. It’s very cold, but she can’t afford to waste a minute. She is running as fast as she could. It’s a life and death situation for her, and she must escape the wild fox, her kids are waiting for her at home.  Winter is a tough time for little rabbits to keep themselves alive. They must get something to eat, or they will die out of starvation.

The bunny lost all her hope to reach home when she saw fox skiing fast towards her. Just then, a great idea struck her mind. She knew that there is a cliff nearby. She changed her direction towards the cliff, and fox followed her. The bunny suddenly stopped just some meters before the cliff. The fox was skiing too fast, and he couldn’t stop, fell from the high cliff, and lost his life. Bunny heaved a sigh of relief went home happily with a pair of carrots in her hand.