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Let's Go That Way

Let's Go Home

“Mom, where are we going today,” baby fishes asked their mother in one voice. “We are going to a new place, where I will show you something you will never forget in your life,” the mom fish said.

The fishes are swimming in a new place, searching for food. Daily they used to swim around to get food. In their journey for food, some will become the food of their predators or fishermen’s bait. Last day, a blue whale was lying on the fish path with its mouth wide open. Some innocent fishes thought that it is a place they could look for food. They went inside to check out what it is. Blue whale shut down her mouth and all those who went inside became her food.

“Children, watch out, it’s a fishing net lowered from a ship. They want to catch us, let’s change our direction. If we are caught, nobody can help us, so be careful!” the fish mom said.  “Let’s go home, it’s dangerous to stay more time here,” the fish mom said as they returned to the safety of their home.