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Odd Ways Friendship Starts

Hi Friend, Wait For Me!

It was a fine spring morning, and the young John was happily riding on his new bike to the school. The bike was a gift from his Dad. Little John loved his brand new blue bike. Suddenly, he saw a cute puppy before him. He stopped his bike, almost fell from the bike, but regained the balance. John was angry at the puppy for his sudden appearance. The puppy came near to him.

Puppy was a cute one, John felt pity for him.

He was a cute little brown dog, born to a street dog. He felt pity for the puppy. So John took the dog along with him for the ride. At the school gate, he left the dog. In the evening when he came out of school, he saw the dog waiting for him. John took the dog to his home. Wherever John went on his bike, he took the dog along with him.

Their friendship grew day by day. They had a lot of adventures together. See how odd ways a friendship starts?

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