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Take Me For A Ride, Won't You?

You are running fast!

“Hey, little toy train, you seem to be in a hurry. Where are you running so fast?” rabbit the toy train. “I am going to the other end of the backyard, where my wagons are waiting for me. I will go and get them connected, and we together will run around the backyard,” the little train said. “Will you give me a ride?” the rabbit asked.

“Why not, just jump in, It’s a pleasure to take you around for a ride, I just got a fresh pair of batteries, that means more power!” the toy train said. Hearing that, the rabbit jumped upon the toy train and balanced himself on the top of the train. “Watch out, there is a wooden log on the rail,” the rabbit screamed. But the train couldn’t stop because it was running in full speed, and it hit the wood log overturning the little train. The rabbit helped the train back to the rail. The train was so happy for the help and said thanks to the rabbit. They continued their journey and reached the other end of the backyard where the wagons are patiently waiting for their engine.

The rabbit enjoyed his toy train ride and was too happy with the train.  “Thanks for giving me a ride, we are friends from today,” the rabbit said. “Ok, friend, meet you again,” said the toy train while getting himself connected to the wagons waiting at the backyard.

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