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A Sad Farewell

Tell Me Your Story, Ms. Cat

A Lion was alone in the zoo had no friends of his own.  He saw every other animal in the zoo have friends and they are happy too, but he couldn’t find one. One day, a cat was walking near his cage. Lion asked the cat, “will you be my friend?” The cat got terrified. 

“Ok, I can be your friend, but promise me you will not harm me,” the cat said. “Why should I harm you, you are my friend,” the lion said. So both became friends. Every day, the cat comes to the lion and share the stories she from the outside world. The lion eagerly listened to cat, he saw the world outside of the zoo through the cat’s eyes. He always dreamed that he goes out of the zoo, to experience the outside world.

One day, the Lion got an unexpected guest in his cage. It was a Lioness. She was very beautiful, and the lion was happy to take her as his life partner. As usual, the cat came the next day to visit his friend. The lion happily introduced the cat to the lioness. But the lioness didn’t like the cat visiting the lion. She asked the cat to stop coming to meet the lion. “I understand your feelings, Ms. Lioness, I am happy that my friend got a beautiful wife. I wish you both a happy family,” and the cat left the zoo with tears in her eyes.

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