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Can We Befriend?

Can We Become Friends?

Here is a different children’s story of a unique friendship between a cat and the elephant. The cat saw an elephant. “Can we become friends?” the cat asked the elephant. He was a good elephant. “Why not? Let’s become friends,” the elephant said. Cat and elephant became friends. Together they went everywhere, and their friendship grew day by day. The cat took him to many different places, where there are plenty of bananas, and other stuff to eat.  Everybody knew and admired their friendship.

The fox was envy about the friendship between the cat and the elephant. He somehow wanted to break the friendship between them. With that wicked intention in mind, he went to the elephant and said to him. “Hi, Mr. Elephant, I can see you and that silly cat are friends.” “Yes, you are right, we are good friends for a long time,” elephant said. “Aren’t you ashamed to have a silly cat as your friend? You are spoiling your reputation by being the friend of that silly cat, you better cut that friendship and take a friend from your own tribe, another elephant,” advised the fox.

“Mr.Fox, I know where you are coming from. Let me give you a piece of advice.  There is nothing special about friendship with equals. It’s all about the unity of mind, care, and sacrifice. In that aspect, I will never make you my friend. You are trying to break friendships, now you get lost, you silly fox,” the elephant was angry at the fox. The fox ran away from the elephant, cursing himself for the foiled attempt.