The Cool Cat And The Elephant

cat and the elephant
I am at the top of the world!

The cool cat had a dream, to ride upon an elephant. So he went to an elephant and asked. “Can you please take me to a ride?,” the cat asked. “Why not, but I fear you may fall and get injured,” the elephant said. “What do you think about me? I am a cool cat, I know how to stay balanced.” the arrogant cat said. Finally, the elephant agreed. So the cat climbed onto a big tree and jumped to the elephant top. Somehow he managed to balance without falling.

The elephant began to walk, and the cat found that it’s a terrible experience. He was afraid, anytime he could fall. He requested the elephant to stop right away. But he was not listening and started running. The cat nearly lost his balance but caught a tree branch and escaped without getting hurt.

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