You Are Doing A Great Job!

Giraffe and the parrot
Thank you very much

It was a peaceful day for the Giraffe family. Playing and eating around, there were in a happy mood. But their happy mood didn’t last long. They were horrified by a lion’s roaring sound from a distance. All Giraffes started running here and there, desperately trying to hide and escape the hunting lion. This time too, they escaped from the Lion, as they got a timely warning from Mr.Parrot, their best friend.

“I’m thankful for your kind service, Mr.Parrot. You are doing a great service for us, saving us from that lion. The lion is cruel, and strong, hunting down poor animals without showing any mercy. You are giving us early warnings helping us to stay away from danger. Last day, I had a narrow escape from the hands of the lion. I am glad you are here to serve us. Please don’t leave us!”

“Let’s celebrate our friendship, where is the music,” the parrot asked his friends to sing songs. It was a happy day for both giraffes and parrots. They sang songs of friendship.



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