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Starry Night Sky, Makes Me So Happy!

Let me count the stars

One, Two, Three, I love the starry night, counting the stars as often as I can. It’s my favorite hobby looking on a starry night sky. I can count up to one hundred. Do you count stars? How many stars can you count? I think nobody can count the stars, because there are quite a bit of them. Night in the wild, is busy, with animals out for hunting. My father and mother have gone out to hunt down animals for our dinner. My father is strong, his roar will make the animals run with fear. Hope they’ll return home with some good food for me.

I see an owl sitting on that branch of a tree, with bright shining eyes. During the day time, he’s always sleeping. Every night I see him at the same spot, waiting for somebody. He wears a sad expression always on his face. I think it is because of his loneliness. I hope he will get a friend soon, or else he will die out of loneliness.

Back to my story, here my father and mother coming wearing the hunter’s smile on their faces. I think their hunting venture is successful. They are dragging something in their teeth, something good to eat. Wow, it’s a deer. It’s time for dinner and a good night’s sleep. See you tomorrow, take care!

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