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Lion In The Boat Is Sailing

It's a sunny day

The little lion was happy to have a boat of his own. It was left by some hunters. The lion loved his new boat, which was a strong and cute one made completely of wood. Most of the time, he was seen in the boat, hunting, eating, and sleeping.

One day he was sleeping in the boat. There was a wind that moved the boat along the river. Lion didn’t know the boat was moving, he was dreaming of meeting a lioness. After some time, when the lion woke up, he was in for a big surprise. He found himself in the middle of a big lake. The lion had no clue what to do. “If I had woke up a little early, I could have stopped the boat from reaching the lake. But in this vast lake, I am helpless,” he thought.

The lion lost all his hope of survival, started crying loudly. A little fish jumped out of the water asked the lion why he was crying. The lion explained his bad situation. “Don’t worry, let me see how I can help you,” the little fish said to the lion.  “How can you help me? After all, you are just a little fish,” the lion said. Little just vanished into the lake.

After some time, the lion saw the little fish again accompanied by a big fish. The big fish was bigger than the lion himself, moved towards his little boat. The big fish pushed the boat with his head, and the boat started moving. Within a few hours, the lion was back to the river, where he started. He was happy and short of words to say thanks to the help of the fishes. With tears in his eyes, he said goodbye to the big and small fishes and went home happy.

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