Elephant Meets Flying Dog

"Where are you from," the excited baby elephant asked the dog who was roaming around in a colorful hotair balloon.

The baby elephant saw a flying dog in a hot air balloon. When the balloon touched the ground, the elephant ran towards it. “Hey, flying dog, where are you flying from,” the surprised baby elephant asked. “Ah, I am not a hero, actually, it was a mistake on my part bro, I was just taking a look at this huge balloon. When I smelled some good food inside the basket, I got inside. After a heavy lunch, I slept in the basket itself. When I woke up, I found myself flying in this basket attached to a hotair balloon and was flying up above the sky.

Now it landed safely here, at least now I am on the ground. I was worried about whether I could make it safe to the ground by having a safe landing. I was flying too high in the sky. It’s a great relief to be on the ground.” the dog said. “Will you take me for a ride,” the baby elephant asked the dog. “Sorry, bro, I can’t. You are too heavy for this balloon. It will not be able to lift you,” the dog said. “Anyways, I am happy to be on the ground, I am leaving to my home on foot,” the dog said goodbye to the elephant and started running towards his home leaving behind the balloon.

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