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Boy And The Dog, The Story Behind Their Friendship

You Saved Me!

The boy riding on his bike heard a dog crying in pain. The dog, while crossing the road, was hit by a speeding car. The dog’s hinder leg was hit by the car. There was nobody around, and the car sped away.

The boy felt pity on the plight of the dog. He took the dog to the hospital on his bike. All way to the hospital, the poor dog was crying in pain. In the hospital, the doctor had a preliminary examination over the dog and declared that minor surgery is required. He can go home after a few weeks of rest in the hospital. 

Every day, the boy and his mother came to the hospital to spend some time with the dog. After a few weeks in the hospital, the dog was discharged by the doc. The boy took the dog to his home. He was very thankful for the boy for the care he has shown to him.

One day, while the boy was playing hide and seek with his friends, a big snake was moving towards him. The dog saw the snake, without waiting, he sprang into action. The dog jumped up on the snake. It was a horrible fight between the snake and the dog. After the fight, the dog killed the snake, saving the boy from being bitten by the snake.  The boy and his mother thanked the dog for his timely action. Their friendship grew stronger and stronger each day.

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