Lion Who Got Fooled By The Deer

lion and the deer story
Can I Come With You For The Shopping, Deer?

“Where are you going, Ms.Deer?” the lion asked. “I am going for some shopping for my new bones,” the deer said. “Oh, I see, you have become a mother, congratulations.  “I will also come with you for the shopping,” the lion was insisting on that. So deer took him with her for the shopping.

While they were coming back from the shopping, the lion asked several questions about her children. The deer got suspicious about why the lion is asking such questions. I am sure that the lion has no good intentions, she thought. He may even try to steal my children since lions like deer.

She wanted to avoid Lion playing some trick, had a nice idea. So she asked the lion whether he would like to have some sweet honey? “Why not, yes, I love to drink honey, where is it?” the excited lion asked. Deer took him to the top of a big mountain, where a tree had a honeycomb. She asked him to wait there, while she goes to the back of the tree to open the honey valve tap. Lion believed her.

So, he was sitting with his mouth wide open for the honey. The deer took that opportunity to ran away. The lion was sitting there with the wide-open mouth for hours, but there was no honey flowing from the honeycomb. He found himself fooled by the deer and went back home disappointed.

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