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Jenny Got A Happy News Today

Let's Dance

It’s early in the spring morning. The little girl Jenny and her cat “Joy”, is waiting for the school bus. It is a great day, and she wanted to stay at home to play with her pet cat Joy. Joy, the cat and Jenny are friends for a long time. It’s difficult for them to leave each other and they are always seen together playing and messing around.

“Jenny, Jenny, where are you?” her mother called her from her home. “I’m here mom, waiting for the school bus to come,” Jenny said. “No need to go to school today, as I just got a call from your school that there is no school today,” her mother declared the happy news to her.

Jenny is happy, and her cat too. The cat started dancing, which made Jenny laugh to her heart’s content. The rest of the day is completely free for them to play.

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