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A Silly Dog After Me!

I think he has not seen me.

“Oops, somebody saw me! I must go and hide on the back of that tree, or that barking silly dog will let the villagers know that I am here. Within no time, they will hunt me down. Hey, dog, don’t bark. I’ll take my chicken and go. It’s my food, and I am hungry for that. We love chickens. My cubs are waiting for me to come back with some food for them. If you are trying to act smart, then I’ll be over smart. Shoo, shoo, you go away silly dog,” the tiger requested the dog. But the dog was still barking aggressively. 

That night the hungry tiger was in the village, hungry, and tired, to catch some chickens of the villagers. It’s an easy hunt, no need to run after the animals to hunt them. A dog saw the tiger in action, trying to steal the chicken. The dog started barking, which made the tiger climbed to the top of the tree. The tiger was not sure what to do next. Anytime villagers will come out and find him because the dog is barking continuously looking at him.

Hey kids, what do you think the dog should under this circumstance? Should he bark, or let the tiger steal the chickens?

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