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Preparing For The Flood

We need to be fast!

The animals in the forest received shocking news from a bird flying in from the north.

“Hey, a great flood is on your way. I saw the dam is overflowing, and could break at any moment,” shouted the bird.

Panic spread as the animals ran frantically to the lion king, desperate to know what to do next. The lion king, with a calm demeanor, turned to the monkey engineer and asked for a solution.

The monkey engineer quickly formulated a detailed plan. According to the plan, the flood waters needed to be diverted in another direction to save the forest. The elephants were entrusted with the crucial task of laying trees along the river to redirect the flood waters.

The elephants worked tirelessly, uprooting large trees and positioning them strategically along the riverbank. As the flood waters began to surge towards the forest, the trees diverted the rushing torrents as planned.

The plan worked flawlessly. The flood waters were successfully diverted away from the forest, sparing the homes of countless animals. A wave of relief and joy swept through the forest as the animals celebrated their success. They gathered around the monkey engineer, praised him for his skill and talent for the ingenious plan that saved them all.

The monkey engineer, humble and wise, attributed the success to the collective effort of all the animals. “This plan worked because everyone contributed and worked together. It is a success for all of us,” he said.

The forest resounded with cheers and appreciation for each other, as the animals realized the power of unity and teamwork in overcoming challenges.

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