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Respect Each Other The Elephant and the Bird

No, Mr. Elephant. Please leave this tree

Give Respect And Take Respect!
The elephant was plucking fruits from the tree. The bird was annoyed and said, “Hey, Mr. Elephant, please do not pluck fruits from this tree, as it disturbs my newborns.”

The elephant paused and looked up at the bird, noticing for the first time the small nest nestled among the branches. Inside, tiny chicks chirped softly, their delicate feathers ruffled by the disturbance.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Bird,” the elephant said gently. “I didn’t realize your family lived here.”

The bird fluttered her wings anxiously, still wary. “We built our nest here because it seemed safe and quiet. But with you shaking the tree, my babies get scared.”

The elephant pondered this for a moment. “I understand. I will find another tree to pluck fruits from. There are plenty in the forest.”

Relieved, the bird nodded. “Thank you for understanding. Your kindness means a lot to us.”

From that day on, the elephant made a point to check the trees carefully before plucking fruits. If he saw a nest, he moved on to another tree. The bird, in turn, spread the word among her friends about the considerate elephant.

Soon, other animals in the forest noticed the elephant’s thoughtfulness. The monkeys, who often played in the treetops, appreciated not having their games interrupted. The squirrels, who stored their nuts in the branches, felt safer knowing their supplies wouldn’t be shaken loose.

The forest became a more harmonious place, with animals working together and respecting each other’s homes. And as for the elephant and the bird, they became good friends. The bird often perched on the elephant’s back, guiding him to the best fruit trees that wouldn’t disturb any nests.

In the end, the simple act of understanding and kindness brought the forest creatures closer together, proving that even the smallest voices deserve to be heard and respected.

The great teacher Jesus Christ taught the importance of mutual respect. If you resepct others, others will respect you. It’s known as Golden rule.

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