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Tiger In The Zoo And A Rat

Will you stop doing that?

Once upon a time, in a zoo, there lived a tiger who had never seen the forest. He was born in the zoo and didn’t know what it was like to live in the wild.

The zoo was a nice place for the tiger. But sometimes, a little rat would sneak into his enclosure to eat leftovers. The rat would even pull the tiger’s tail to scare him! The tiger didn’t know how to deal with the pesky rat.

One day, the tiger decided to talk to the rat. He pretended to sleep. When the rat came, the tiger quickly caught him.

“Why do you pull my tail and scare me? What do you want?” asked the tiger.

“I’m sorry,” said the rat. “I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m just lonely. No one notices me, and I thought if I could be friends with you, the great tiger, I wouldn’t feel so invisible.”

The tiger was surprised. “I didn’t know,” he said gently. “You don’t have to play tricks to get my attention. We can be friends.”

The rat was happy and stopped pulling the tiger’s tail. Instead, he told the tiger stories about his adventures in the zoo. In return, the tiger shared his food and gave the rat a safe place to stay.

“I promise, one day I will take you to the wild where you truly belong,” said the rat.

A few months later, the rat came at midnight when the zookeepers were asleep.

“Hurry, you can escape the zoo,” said the rat. The tiger followed the rat to the fence. The rat and his friends had dug a big hole under the fence. With a lot of effort, the tiger crawled out.

The tiger ran into the forest with the rat holding onto his tail.

“Now you can live like a real tiger. I wish you the best. I will visit you sometimes,” said the rat.

“My dear friend, thank you for your help. I will never forget you. Come visit me whenever you want and be my guest,” said the tiger. The tiger disappeared into the forest to live his true life. The rat smiled and went back to the zoo.

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