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Better You Ask First

Why he sits here?

The tired elephant sat under a tree to take some rest. But the elephant didn’t know that it was a rhino’s territory. After some time, the rhino came there and saw the elephant. At first, the rhino was angry, thinking the elephant was forcibly taking away its territory.

“What shall I do now? I think I will kick from its back. That will teach him a lesson not to touch a rhino’s property. Wait, first I have to ask him what made him sit under my tree,” the rhino thought.

“Hey, Mr. Elephant, why are you sitting here under my tree?” asked the rhino.

“Oh, Mr. Rhino, glad to meet you. I was on my way back home after a long journey. But now I am too tired and taking some rest. After a few hours of rest, I will go,” said the elephant.

“Ok, no problem. In that case, take your time to relax,” said the rhino.

See if the rhino charged the elephant without asking him, it would have led to an awkward situation and an unnecessary fight. But the rhino took some time to make sure that he was not going to charge the elephant for no reason.

Likewise, in life, we might come across such a situation. At first, it may seem somebody is deliberately doing something purposefully. If you take time to resolve the issue by talking, you will gain more friends on the go!

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