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The New Hippo And The Crocodile

You have no room here, Hugo

Once upon a time, a friendly hippo named Hugo arrived at a new lake after a long journey from a distant land. The lake in his home had dried up, and he was looking for a place with plenty of water to stay for a while.

As soon as Hugo entered the lake, he was greeted by a group of curious but doubtful crocodiles. The leader of the crocodiles, named Carl, approached Hugo and asked, “Hey, who are you?”

Hugo smiled warmly and replied, “Hello! I’m Hugo the hippo. I’ve come from a far-away place because all the water in my home has dried up. I found this beautiful lake and I would like to stay here until the monsoon comes.”

Carl the crocodile frowned and said, “This is our lake, and we don’t like strangers disturbing our peace.”

Hugo tried to explain, “I understand your concern, but I promise I’ll only stay for a short time. As soon as the monsoon arrives, I’ll go back to my home.”

But Carl and the other crocodiles were stubborn. They thought Hugo might cause trouble, so they decided to chase him away. The crocodiles surrounded Hugo and prepared to attack.

Hugo, who was strong and brave, had no choice but to defend himself. A big fight broke out between Hugo and the crocodiles. Splashing and thrashing, they fought until finally, Hugo won.

Breathing heavily, Carl the crocodile admitted defeat. “You are strong, Hugo. You can stay here as long as you need,” he said.

Hugo smiled kindly and said, “Thank you, Carl. If you had allowed me to stay from the beginning, we could have avoided this unnecessary fight.”

Carl and the other crocodiles felt sorry for their behavior. They realized that they had judged Hugo too quickly. “We’re sorry for being so arrogant,” Carl said. “Welcome to our lake, Hugo.”

From that day on, Hugo and the crocodiles became good friends. They swam together, shared stories, and enjoyed the lake until the monsoon came and it was time for Hugo to return to his home. And so, they all learned an important lesson about kindness and understanding.

And they all lived happily ever after. The end.

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