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Frog Who Mocked The Duck

Oh, no dear. I was not mocking you.

A duck visited a nearby pond to see it is worth shifting to that pond. The duck saw a frog in the pond.

“Chrome, Chrome, Chrome,” the frog welcomed the duck to the pond.

“Hey silly frog, how dare you are, mocking at me?” asked the angry duck.

“Oh, dear duck friend, I wasn’t mocking you at all! It’s just my quirky way of expressing joy and welcoming you to our pond. Let’s put our differences aside and be friends!”

But the duck remained skeptical, eyeing the frog with a mixture of suspicion and amusement. “Well, alright then, Froggy,” the duck quacked with a hint of laughter in its voice, “but next time, try welcoming me with a less peculiar chant, won’t you?”

And with that, the duck and the frog shared a chuckle, their friendship beginning to blossom amidst the tranquility of the pond.

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