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No Need To Fear Baby

Don't worry baby. I am here for you!

The mother elephant was taking her baby for a picnic in the meadows.  They were walking, enjoying their surroundings. The baby elephant was very excited, and ran ahead of his mother. But then it suddenly stopped. What was the reason? The baby elephant saw a lion staring at him from a distance.

The lion was jumped to the baby elephant. The baby elephant was in shock, and cried loudly. But suddenly, the lion stopped, turned back, and ran away. What made the lion to run away? It was then the lion noticed the mother elephant, who was standing beside her baby.

It’s Not His Cup Of Tea

The lion knew that confronting a big elephant was not his cup of tea. One of his friends, another brave lion, got into a fight with an elephant. The elephant threw it, and he died on the spot.

“Baby, don’t worry. When I am with you, nobody will attack you. Be courageous,” said the mother elephant.

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